Currency: USA Dollars

Quinta Dominica, Colonial Zone, Dominican Republic

Jewelry exhibition “Retaking my Roots” presented by the designer Gisselle Mancebo, whose main objective is the resurgence of Barahona, her hometown, “the pearl of the south”.

For this reason, the great protagonist of this exhibition is the Larimar stone, for its nobility and hardness, for its blue tones that characterize us as a coast.

Adding to this, the diversity offered by the geology of the surface of a place like Barahona.

In the elaboration of these pieces of jewelery, texture, colors and a variety of materials are combined focused on a knowledge of weight, balance and movement, always centralizing a meeting point, worked in an artisanal way to give life to an exceptional piece.

With the sole objective of exposing the essence of this raw material in an exuberant way.

Accompanying each of these pieces of jewelry we add the hands of new talents in the plastic arts, illustrating from their own perspective a line dotted with color, opening up a fresh movement with an expression of freedom. Each of these emerging young people collaborate with us to make their great talent known.

They are: Yenny Vásquez, Marcel de la Cruz Encarnación, Manelik Ortega, Eduardo Cerdeiros and José Padillla.

This is the first time that Quinta Dominica presents an exhibition where plastic art, jewelry and crafts are combined, we are more than pleased with the reception of this cultural house to this project that you can enjoy today.

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