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I love having you here and knowing a little about my story

My name is Gisselle Mancebo, I am an Industrial Engineer by profession and a jewelry designer out of passion and conviction.

Since I was little I had a great admiration for the world of jewelry, crafts, and fashion, because since my childhood I loved that maternal grandmother Gisela adorned my neck with beautiful pearl necklaces and semi-precious stone chokers. Ever since he was delirious about exotic, different, unique pieces.

In my beginnings, in 2006, I was looking for jewelery pieces with the same requirements as those of high jewelery that would satisfy my quality standards and not the best, because they did not exist … That is when my need to create unique pieces for me was born. This is how Gisselle Mancebo Jewelry begins, without looking for it and without intending it, I positioned myself in the eyes of all our friends, the shots since then, they were delirious about my pieces.

It is just like that, that I began to give character to the commercialization of high quality jewelery pieces, because what begins as a hobby and personal whim begins to look for another order thanks to the high demand and the great reception from my friends, that they referred me to other friends, thus taking a different course and becoming my great success project.

Project that I am passionate about, where experimenting, failing and starting over is my main objective.

As my business progressed, I visited my clients with two suitcases full of dreams, one in each hand, containing the most beautiful earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings in the world… How much we enjoyed those moments, each friend with its history, unique and special. In this modality I was for about 15 years with the same love, with the same passion and with the same dedication. Later we went to the virtual modality offering them the best of our art every day!